Department of Agro-Environmental Science | 拓殖大学北海道短期大学

Department of Agro-Environmental Science

Crop Production Course / Floriculture Course

There are many important issues about agriculture in Japan. They are safety guarantees for agricultural crops and food, protection of the environment, stable supply of food, diversity of farm management and shortage of new farmers. The curriculum has been designed to provide students with knowledge and practical skills in agriculture and processing of agricultural products, cultivation and utilization of flowers, and farm management in order to deal with these issues. The curriculum offers courses on “Crop Production Courses” and “Floriculture Courses” to provide students with the knowledge and skills for developing agriculture that preserves the environment and for utilizing flower and gardening to create spaces for people to enjoy. Support is provided for students who want to start farming and for students seeking other types of occupation and also for students who want to transfer to junior-year of universities. Support is also provided for students who want to obtain various qualifications that may be helpful to them in the future.

Curriculum for foreign students

Basic subjectsSpecial subjects (required)
“Fundamental Study in Agronomy”
“Environmental Science”
“Crop Science”
“Crop Breeding and variety”
“Lifetime Sports”
“Academic Writing”
“Basic English”
“Communication in English”
“General Japanese”
“Japanese for communication”
“Japanese Affairs”
“Theory of Clean Agriculture”/“Soil Management”/“Farm Management”/“Farm Stay Program” /”Plant Pathology and Entomology”/“Indoor Horticulture”/“Beginning computer operation”/“Practical Field Exercises”/“Freshman Seminar”/“Senior Seminar”/“Training and Theory of Gardening”
Special subjects (elective)
“Paddy Rice Production”/“Arable Crops Production”/“Vegetable Production”/“Floriculture crops Production”/“Training of Paddy Rice Cultivation”/“Training of Arable Crop Cultivation”/“Training of Vegetable Horticulture”/“Training of Floriculture”/“Practical Simulation of Field Management”/“Bookkeeping for Field Management”/“Green Tourism”/“Agricultural Policy”/“Agricultural Product Marketing”/“Plant Biotechnology” / “Applied Statistics”/“Plant Nutrition and physiology”/“Rural Agricultural Cooperatives”/“Farm Machinery”/“Training of Farm Machinery”/“Flower Decoration”/“Training of Flower Arrangement”/“Flower Business”/“Advanced Computer Operation”/“Training of Integrated Pest Management”/“Training of Soil Analysis”/“Training of post harvest processing”/“Graduate Training”